Leftover Pets, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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Link to Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards Donation Site
Link to Amazon Smile Donation Site. Link to Amazon Smile Donation Site. $80.48 to Leftover Pets April-June 2020.
Georgia Pet Foundation License Plate Promo. $4000 donated to Leftover Pets. $19 of $25 specialty tag fee funds local spay/neuter initiatives.
Leftover Pets T-Shirt Fundraiser. Links to bonfire.com/leftoverpets-snip


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Link to Kroger Community Rewards Donation Site. $34.33 to Leftover Pets May 2020-August 2020.


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Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic

Your Donations Have Impact

Contributions enable us to:

  • Keep basic prices affordable for the general community
  • Provide financial assistance to low-income pet owners for spay/neuter surgery
  • Pay vetting costs for felines in our Community Cats Trap-Neuter-Return Programs
  • Provide collars and tags that enable the recovery of lost dogs
  • Purchase miscellaneous supplies, such as bleach, paper towels, cat food, etc. needed for day-to-day operations