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Spay & Neuter FAQ - Continued

What if my male dog/cat has one or no testicles descended?


We can perform the surgery but it needs to be scheduled as a female appointment as this surgery may take longer. We do charge an additional $15 for one retained testicle. If both are retained, we will charge the female price.

What if I cannot afford to have my pet spayed/neutered?


We work with several financial assistance/certificate/sponsor programs. You can call our message line (770-307-3499) or email clinic@leftoverpets.org with your request. Some clients may qualify to have surgery performed for as little as $10 or $20. Click here to submit a financial assistance application.

What are the pre-operative instructions?


If your pet is more than 4 months old, food should be withheld 9 hours prior to your appointment. If your pet is 4 months of age or younger, you may feed a small snack 2 hours prior to your appointment. Animals should have access to fresh water at all times.

Dogs that are free roaming should be confined (i.e., fenced area, appropriately sized crate with sufficient absorbent material such as newspaper) the night before the surgery.

Cats that are free roaming should be confined the night before the surgery in a space large enough for food, water and a litter box (e.g., bathroom, garage, cage, etc.). ALL cats must be securely confined in a container to be accepted for their appointment.  If the container is wire, make sure to cover with a sheet, towel, etc.  Please provide absorbent material in the container.

What are the minimum post-operative requirements?


Dogs that are allowed to roam free may not do so until the morning after surgery. For 2 weeks after surgery, dogs must be kept clean and dry (i.e., no baths, swimming, etc).

Cats must be confined the night after surgery in a space large enough for food, water and a litter box.

You can call 770-601-2665 with any post-operative questions but we do not schedule follow up appointments.

Why are your prices lower than most vets? Are there any 'hidden' fees?


We are a non-profit organization and only charge enough to cover our costs. There are no hidden fees. Since we only have the ability to provide spay/neuter services, our overhead is much lower than a full service veterinary clinic.

I have a new puppy/kitten. How soon can I schedule an appointment?


We encourage pediatric spay/neuter for pets as young as 8 weeks. If your pet is at least 12 weeks at the time of surgery, he/she will be old enough to receive a rabies vaccination included for free with surgery.  Our appointment schedule typically books 3-4 weeks in advance.

Is my pet too old to be spay/neutered?


We encourage spay/neuter for all pets as it greatly decreases the risk of reproductive cancers, pyometra and/or behavioral problems. While we will not refuse a patient based on age, we will advise you that the risks of developing complications during and after the procedure are greater for an animal over the age of 5 years. It is preferable for animals in this age group to have the spay/neuter surgery performed at a regular, full service veterinary clinic.

Will you spay a pregnant dog/cat?


YES. There is no additional charge. The risks of spaying these animals are higher and surgical aftercare may be more involved. It is better to bring them earlier in the pregnancy rather than later; however, we will spay as long as the animal is not in labor. Please notify us when you schedule your appointment if you suspect your pet is pregnant.


Do you charge extra if my pet is in-heat?


No. However, female dogs in-heat at the time of surgery MUST be kept separate from ALL male dogs for 10 days after the surgery.

If my pet is nursing a litter, when should I schedule a spay appointment?


For dogs, we recommend ten-to-twelve weeks after giving birth. Aftercare is easier if the dog no longer has milk.


For cats, if you can confine mom and litter the night prior and the night after surgery, you can schedule an appointment when the kittens are 4-5 weeks old. If you cannot do this, schedule the appointment when the kittens are 6 weeks old. Mom still needs to be confined the night after surgery. The kittens should not be force weaned until the mom's incision has healed (approximately 10-14 days post surgery). Otherwise the mom is at a much greater risk for developing an incisional infection.