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Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic

Community Presence and Fundraising

We need community presence and fundraising assistance. We have many opportunities to participate in community events where we can educate the public, promote spay/neuter, and encourage adoptions.

We can use help with a variety of fundraising activities, ranging from distributing flyers, manning an information table at a community event, to writing grants.

Online fundraising has increased thanks to our Facebook friends. We need to keep this going and find other ways to bring in much needed funds. If you have a fundraising idea that you can administer, please let us know.

Donate if you can!

We can always use cash donations to help purchase supplies, vaccinations, and sponsor special-price events.

Click the green Donation Button link on our website pages to make a secure cash donation. If you like, you can specify what you would like the money to be used for.
We participate in the Kroger Community Rewards, iGive, and AmazonSmiles fundraising programs. These services are free to you. The company makes a donation to Leftover Pets every time your purchase is linked to us through their program. Check out the links below to see how easy it is to contribute with your day-to-day on-line and in-store purchases.

Promo flyer with Link to Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards Site
Logo with Link to iGive.com Donation Site
Logo with Link to Amazon Smile Donation Site
Logo with Link to Kroger Community Rewards Donation Site
Georgia Pet Foundation License Plate Promo. $4000 donated to Leftover Pets. $19 of $25 specialty tag fee funds local spay/neuter initiatives.

Pet and Clinic Supplies

If you have items to donate, please call or email us in advance to arrange the best time for drop-off.

If this location and time are not convenient, call or email Leftover Pets to make other arrangements. All donations to Leftover Pets are tax deductible and we will provide a donation receipt upon request.

We have ongoing needs for the supplies listed below.

Clay non clumping cat litter
Collars, leashes, harnesses 
Coupons, gift cards or funds to purchase items on this list
Paper towels
Dry cat and kitten food

Wet (canned) cat food
Spray bottles

Trash bags (13 gallon trash and 39 gallon Lawn & Garden)


Sometimes we need help transporting a dog or cat from a shelter to a rescue organization, vet clinic, or adopting home. In many cases, the animal would otherwise be euthanized. Even though the time investment may be small, this is often a very important part of saving lives. Call or email if you can help with transport.

At-Home Volunteer Opportunities

Don't have a specific day/time you can set aside but still want to help?  Check out these options:

Many people attempt to re-home pets on Craig's list. We want to educate people about spay/neuter and the availability of our clinic. We will give you a basic outline to use when e-mailing pet owners. This takes 30-45 minutes a week depending on the number of postings.


How to Help


Please contact info@leftoverpets.org if you can help with any of these important tasks!